Forex  trading knowledge and tools to answer everything from what is fx, how currency exchange works to the for ex markets and exchange rate.  How the fx relates to the stock exchange and money exchange rate.

As a young Air Force officer Jeffery learned about investing in the stock market from a fellow officer making 28% return in his first investment in 1977. The majority of trades were based on fundamental analysis, and trading was more of a hobby at that time.

After buying and selling individual stocks for a few years Jeffery moved into Options trading which had high leverage and profit potential. Back then trading information on the internet was very technical if you could find it at all.  After making a bundle and losing a bundle time and time again Jeffery moved back in to stock trading focusing on Technical Analysis.

Technical analysis lead to the Forex markets in 2004.  He traded the Forex using technical analysis placing manual trades and spent many long hours staring at the screen counting pips.

The Forex markets allowed Jeffery to continue to keep his day job as an executive in the high tech industry and still trade in the evenings. The side benefit was the markets in the Asian and European sessions are a lot more reliable then the hectic New York session.

By 2005 Jeffery was making consistent money in the Forex markets and a good thing as he was displaced organizationally from his corporate position.  Still not able to make a full time living in the Forex Jeffery stepped up his Forex education and began to test Forex Robots.

In 2008 he purchased FapTubro and Megadroid and with the help of other on the internet learned how to tune the parameters for differing market conditions. Other robots followed and the inbox filled with stories of system that “could not fail” one was the no loss robot.  If the no loss robot open a trade that went against its position it just takes the draw down and waits for the market to turn around. is a way for Jeffery and like minded people to share information on different systems and robots with out the hype.