Be Smart, Go For Fap Turbo

Be Smart, Go For Fap Turbo

Fap Turbo Review

Amid many of the Forex Trading Robots available in the market, Fap Turbo is still one of the best performing robots provided you manage it.  There are certain times you should turn off any Expert Advisor (EA) and that includes Fapturbo.

I should caution you that you should trade a practice account before using real money.  My DEMO account, trading with IBFX  using the MetaTrader4 (MT4) with a conservative risk-lot setting of 10% results in 5%-20% growth on a monthly basis.  I won’t bore you with a copy of my trades page as these are too easily photo shopped to be what ever someone wants them to be.  Just try it yourself on a DEMO account and see for your self.

Fap Turbo Features

  • Fap Turbo uses a short-term scalping strategy that trades 2-15 times a day, usually outside of US trading to keep the volatility under control.  It also does not trade on Fridays since the markets close on Fridays and too many intuitional market makers effect trading that day sometimes in what appears to be irrational ways. (Note: they know more then we do about the market)
  • It can trade multiple currency pairs simultaneously. EURCHF, GBPCHF, EURGBP, USDCAD, EURUSD.
  • It has a stealth mode to cloak the stop loss and profit values from the broker.  Some believe that some brokers trade against the individual inventor. With this cloaking the broker can not manipulate the trade to spike to hit your stop loss.
  • The makers of Fap Turbo claim that they back tested the EA and found it to be 5000% profitable over the 9 years.  Careful here any EA can be tuned to get great back test results, but the markets are always changing and the parameters used to get great results in 2007 are most likely not he same ones to use on 2012.
  • Fap Turbo has a filter to keep your losses small.  Once the EA recognizes the trade is going the wrong way it changes the stop loss.
  • There are a bunch of setting to understand and set for your trading style and risk profile.  You need to set up a Demo Account and spend months tuning the system to work for you. The Forex Markets allow huge leverage that too many don’t understand.  Ya you can make a lot really quickly by choosing high leverage but the same is true on the down side. I recommend to lowest leverage your broker will allow.

Fap Turbo Review Conclusions

All EAs have their draw backs and Fap Turbo is no exception.  You can not use EAs too aggressively. The allurer of setting them up and letting them run for you to make money is huge but you need to understand when to turn them off and stay out of the markets.   You need to understand that back testing only helps you understand the different settings of the EA and how they can affect the results.  You would need to know the exact market conditions in the past to understand why the EA and the settings you choose worked good or bad during certain market volatility.

In an effort for FAP Turbo to try and minimize the market volatility it uses a scalping strategy it is in and out of the markets in a relatively short time frame, although I have seen trades that extend into hours and days in a sideways moving market.

You can not make a living running an EA and trading the FOREX that I know of, but in my experience they can help you pay a few bills if you have a good EA set up right and a good broker.

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