One of the few things Forex traders can agree on is that Price Action Forex Trading is one of the best ways to trade currency. But while price action is regarded as the king of all trading methods, how to trade price movement and how to learn to trade is still a matter of much debate. And to make matters worse, many would-be traders get sidetracked and distracted with the claims of indicators and robots.

Many traders start out looking for the magic combination of indicators that will allow them to crush the Forex markets without really having to know anything about the way price moves, or what those movements “mean”. Or, they take an even lazier route and try to put their Forex trading on autopilot by buying someone Else’s trading strategy programmed into a robot. And I’m not saying there is anything wrong with using indicators or robots, I use both. But the truth is, many traders only start to see success after they learn how to trade strictly based on price patterns and how price moves.

Just think about it.  How are you going to determine if the indicator does its job or the strategy of the robot is sound if you know nothing about trading price movement? If anything, learning price action Forex trading can help you identify the best indicators and robots, as well as being a very profitable stand alone trading system. Let’s go over 3 keys to kick-start your price based Forex trading…

Choose A Forex Mentor Already Using Price Action Trading Systems Successfully

It is becoming harder to know who to trust when looking for someone to teach you price action trading.  You need to make sure you are learning from someone who is a real trader and using these methods to trade themselves.  Otherwise, you are going to be learning trading strategies that may or may not work under real market conditions.

A lot of times learning the strategies themselves is easy, until you try to apply them under real market conditions. This is why you need someone who trades the strategies on a daily basis to teach you what to expect in live trading. Having that kind of experience can make a big different in your profits.

Choose To Learn Price Action The Best Way You Learn

Everyone has a favorite way to learn.  So, it only makes sense to pick the way you learn best to learn the Forex system you are going to trade.  If you learn best from books, choose a book.  I am more of a visual learner and like to learn from videos.  Some of you might need more personal contact and should look for a mentoring program with webinars.

I personally choose video because you can see what you are learning and can watch the material as many times as you need and at your own pace. Books are great to learn the concepts, but lack the “aliveness” of trading under real market conditions. And while I have attended a lot of webinars, the other traders can sometimes be distracting to the learning process.

Choose The Forex Price Action Trading Method That Matches YOUR Trading Style

This is a big one. If you don’t pick the price action trading method that fits your trading personality, you won’t trade the system. At some point, the trading system you use has to FEEL like it is yours. If you have to force yourselves to trade at times that are uncomfortable, or use stop losses that go against your account size, you won’t stick to the program. Take my world for it, finding the right price action Forex trading system for YOU is the biggest key to becoming a successful trader.

If you want to learn from in-depth video instruction some of the best price action trading strategies, I suggest learning from Hector DeVille.  You can learn the 3 SMA Trading Method for free to see if Hector, the systems he teaches and the way he teaches is right for you.  This is a tremendous opportunity.