Forex signals are the most important part of forex trading and the use of these tell tale signs could mean the success or failure of your trading currency actions. All forex traders use some sort of signal to tell them when to enter and exit trades, in this post we are going to look at some of these signals and how to apply them.

Virtually all forex traders use some kind of charting software to be able to see past and present volatility in the market. These charting packages are the key to giving a trader signals on when a buy or sell situation might be coming into play. One of the most popular and used tell tale signs is when support or resistance levels are broken, this is a forex signal that the cost is looking to make a new high or low in the market and a profit taking opportunity has arisen. One of the most common support and resistance levels that your charting software can calculate for you is the pivot points.

Pivot points are clear lines across your charts that show support and resistance levels for previous price action from the following day. Traders might use these trading signals as trend reversal points or breakthrough points on the continuation of a trend, either way they are clear forex signals.

Another common signal used by most traders is moving averages; you will find that no matter whether you are a long term trader or a scalper, moving averages set to the right Nbr periods will give you a clear picture on a currencies trend direction. An example of using these moving averages as entry and exit point on the forex market is easily illustrated on a 5 minute chart. If you have 2 moving averages set to 10 and 20 Nbr periods and the trend is moving up, the 10 moving average will be on top if the trend starts to reverse the 10 moving average crossing over the 20 is a forex signal that the trend is reversing, hence becoming a sell trade. This could be a signal to sell that currency, if the moving averages go over again this would be a sign to exit that trade.

Many traders use the formations of the candles on the charts themselves as forex signals. You might have heard of pattern recognition, trading triangles or channels. These are all signals that suggest the currency is going to make a breakout from a particular pattern in the hope of some profitable volatility. Although this does involve some support and resistance assessment it is normally localized to a few hours instead of days. In the event of a currency bouncing between two prices of 40 pips apart for a few hours you will observe the candles forming a fairly straight cannel it is when the price breaks out of that channel that you’re looking for the profitable volatility. It is these channels that one should identify as a forex signal. You may buy forex signals from the best forex signals provider.