I’m sure you’ve found out by now, learning to trade Forex profitably is not as simple as you would like it to be.   Most things are harder than we want them to be if the have to the potential to make you as much money as Forex trading.   But does that mean you have to give up your dreams of becoming a successful and consistently profitable Forex trader?   Definitely not!

One of the things that determines your success is how you learn.   But regardless of how you learn to trade, there is one common problem that keeps coming up. .  While you are going through the learning process, everything seems perfect and you are sure you can make money trading.   But when you try to put into practice what you learn under live market conditions, things are a lot harder than you imagined.

It is for this reason I think many would be traders get caught in a “learning loop”.   They prefer to be in the learning process because what they are learning is full of possibilities.   But when they find it hard to implement in a live market, they go back to learning something new.   This leads to jumping from one system or program to another, sometimes for years, without any real success.

But I think there is a way to end this problem and REALLY learn how to trade Forex profitably AND be able to make real profits in a LIVE market.  And it is so simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before.  The simple solution to finally being successful as a Forex trader is combining Forex training with Forex signals.  (After doing many Best Forex Signals Reviews, I’ve come to realize the absolute best way to profit is the combination of mentoring and signals).

Just think of the EDGE you have when you learn a Forex trading system AND get signals based on the same system.   You would not only get an in depth understanding of how the system is supposed to be used.   But you would get signals to place real trades based off the method.   In essence, you could earn while you learn and gain the necessary experience to use the system on your own.

Here is an example to drive this point home.

The 10Kto1MM Forex Formula and Signals, taught by well respected trader Henry Liu, is a perfect example.   Henry’s system is unique in that it is the combination of Forex News Trading and Forex Technical Trading.   But he is just not providing the training in DVD’s, bi-weekly ongoing training and weekly market analysis reports.  He is going to attempt to trade a $10,000 live account up to 1 million, and provide SMS signals for every trade he is taking.

Do you see how combining Forex training with Forex signals can be a tremendous advantage?  First of all, you get to learn Henry’s trading system.  But you are not just left to figure out how to apply what you learn sitting in front of the charts all by yourselves.  Since you get Henry’s trade signals, you can place the same trades he is making in his live account.  At the time of placing the trade, you don’t have to worry, struggle with doubt or hesitate because you know the trade should be placed according to the rules of the system.  In essence, you can EARN real money while you learn the system with real experience gained by trading.

I think we have all found that the Forex systems you learn are harder to apply in the market than we would want them to be.   And while we are sure they work fine for the trader who taught us, we just can’t seem to make it work.   But the combination of Forex training with Forex signals allows us to not only learn the trading system, but to immediately start using it for profits.   In my opinion, this combination is genius.