Questions 4 a Forex BrokerIt is very important to understand your Forex broker‘s business model before you trust them with your money. The questions discussed below are designed to help you understand your broker. There are many Forex brokers out there in the market ready to accept your money. The process of choosing the right broker is not easy. Partly this happens because traders know little about them and few have hard about them. Just a matter of fact, these brokers do not offer similar service; some are very promising when registering you but often fail to deliver their promises.


The questions discussed herein are designed to help you understand the broker before you commit yourself. These questions are specifically developed to guide you through the process of choosing the right Forex broker.

Who Will Execute Your Orders? Forex brokers don’t use the same method to provide quote therefore it is very important to know who execute your trade orders. Forex brokers use only two methods which is either Dealing Desk or No Dealing Desk method. Under dealing desk option, the Forex broker creates the appropriate pricing and executes the orders themselves. Here, the broker uses traditionally fixed spreads which makes it higher compared to the average variable spreads. With No Dealing Desk, several competing prices are streamed by multiple banks for the Forex broker to execute. In this case, your order is executed by the banks. There are no restrictions neither on economic events nor trading news. If you want to learn more tips on how to start up and when is the best time for trading, visit learn day trading for the essential tips to be success at day trading

Do They Offer Any Rollover? A rollover is special interest that earned due to a Forex position held overnight. Rollover is not fixed but varies significantly depending on the difference in interest rates between a currency pair. Movement of prices makes rollover to fluctuate daily. You will pay an interest if the currency you are selling has higher interest, a situation known as negative rollover. Likewise, buy a currency pay with interest rate you enjoy a positive roller and you earn the interest. Unlike the negative rollovers, positive rollovers are not offered by most Forex brokers.

Is There Allowance For Hedging?   This is a very important question that you should ask your Forex broker. Your Forex broker should let you know the kind of hedging allowed if any. Hedging allows you to hold SELL and BUY positions of one currency pair simultaneously. Hedging is a useful method for creating support and finding resistance levels when the market conditions are uncertain. Through hedging, you will identify levels at which you can take significant price action. However, hedging do not significant limit risks. You can also find our self in the losing on both sides of the hedged positions.

The Level Of Leverage Offered The degree of leverage that your Forex broker offers is another important consideration that you must make. Opportunity to trade on leveraged basis is one of the best things you will enjoy in Forex market. This actually gives you ability to control better position with little funds in your account. The degree of leverage offered does vary and solely depends on your broker. Most conservative Forex brokers offer little leverage ranging between 2:1 and 10:1. However, most of them offer massive leverage up to 400:1. This allows for aggressive trading. However, it is high risk. If you need more guide with regards to the essential factors to consider to be able to choose an online broker, visit choosing a forex broker.


A number of questions should be considered before you get a good one that you can trust. We have only discussed a few which are deemed very import. There are several other questions that you should consider including the level of spreads and which of them are advertised, the allowance for scalping, additional fees, restrictions on account, good customer support, calculation and payment of interests amongst others. Also size of the broker matters a lot. Forex brokers transacting large volumes of trades are known to enjoy better pricing and execution. There are many Forex broker online, however only few are sure to be very beneficial.